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Cross Border Xpress (CBX)

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Cross Border Xpress (CBX) Personal Service

Cross Border Xpress (CBX) is a pedestrian bridge exclusively for travelers that fly in Tijuana’s International Airport, it allows passengers to cross the border between Mexico and the United States easily. 

The bridge is 390 feet long and connects the Tijuana International Airport with a terminal in San Diego. CBX serves millions of passengers who cross the border as part of their journey, helping them avoid unforeseen delays at the congested ports of entry of San Ysidro and Otay Mesa.

1. You must present your pre-purchased boarding pass at the ticket counter to enter the bridge.

You can get it, you can save it on your phone or you can print it out.

Only one person should carry the access ticket if your group crosses at the same time.

2. On the day of the trip, you should arrive at the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) located in San Diego (a few miles from Brownfield).

Cross Border Xpress is located at:
2745 Otay Pacific Drive,
San Diego, CA 92154

3. Then you will bring your bags to the terminal where you will buy a ticket to use the Cross Bridge Border Xpress (CBX). You will have your access card on your phone; you will go to a stand (kiosk) or CBX counter to buy your ticket to enter the bridge. The price of a round trip is $ 30 per person. You have to keep your ticket for your return. In order to avoid this problem, I recommend you buy it online. Individual passes can be purchased online in advance:

4. After crossing the bridge to the airport, our team will be waiting for you from the other side where a member of the team will accompany the whole trip by your side until you arrive at Isla de Cedros, where we will await you with a pleasant welcome.

Requirements for using CBX

You can only use the bridge within 24 hours after the departure of your flight


• Passport
• FMM Form (Multiple Immigration Form)
• Boarding pass
• CBX Ticket

CBX consists of:

Bridge – A 390 foot (120 m) pedestrian bridge from Mexico to the U.S. The fee to use the bridge is $ 16 one way or $ 30 round trip. The crew wishing to use the facilities must have a boarding pass and pay the fare equally.

The pedestrian bridge is for the exclusive use of passengers with boarding passes flying to or from TJ. The departing passengers can use the facilities up to 24 hours before the departure time of the flight. Arriving passengers must cross the bridge into the US within four hours after landing of the flight.

Facilities on the US side: ticket counters and stands (kiosks) for the bridge, airline check-in stands and bridge entrance / exit. US customs and immigration inspection facilities, car and bus rental agencies, a snack bar and a tax free shop.

It is only as a registration and processing facility for the departing and arriving passengers. It has its own parking lot, check-in stations and office customs, but has no gates or arrival facilities (therefore, it functionally resembles Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International Airport). There are almost 900 parking spaces, public areas and areas for picking up passengers, taxis and intercity and local buses

Facilities on the Mexican side include Mexican immigration and customs. Access to CBX from Mexico it is from the baggage claim area, where there are counters to buy CBX tickets.


• Prices listed in dollars, exclusive for sales through the website or the CBX App.
• All CBX high season tickets are valid for 1 year from the purchase date. CBX low season tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase, but can only be used from January 16 to June 17 or from August 16 to October 31. If a low season ticket was purchased but will be used during a high season, the amount paid for the unused and current ticket can be applied to the purchase of a high season ticket, the expiration date will not change. No credit or refund will apply if a high season ticket is used on a date of low season.
• Restrictions apply to promotional tickets.
• All sales are final.
• When purchasing a round trip ticket, be sure to keep it, you will need to present it when on your way back.
• Travelers who wish to cross the border via the CBX aerial pedestrian bridge must
comply with the applicable immigration requirements of Mexico and the United States.
• CBX tickets can be purchased through this website or at any of the following channels:

    1. • Counters and stands in CBX Tijuana and CBX San Diego
    1. • Through the airlines: Aeroméxico, Viva Aerobus and Volaris

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