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Cedros Sportfishing FAQ's

Cedros Sportfishing with toro

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not worry! Our captains will patiently explain and help you achieve that yellowtail trophy.

Our company has an agreement with the local fishing store to rent new modern state-of-the-art and in excellent condition equipment so that your experience is optimal and not have to worry about traveling with heavy equipment from home.

Please request it in advance.

What species can I catch on the island?

It depends on the month you visit us.

For that we leave you this table of species:

cedros island seasonal fish

We recommend that you bring your own coolers and leave them in your car at the check-in point.
When your trip ends your fish will be packed in thermal bags, once we leave you at your car you can transfer the fish to your cooler so you can take the frozen fish to your home.

Do not worry, the company has a translator in the lodge who will assist you throughout your
trip, and during the fishing day our captains will be able to communicate easily with you thanks to the language training given to them.

Our cooks will prepare a personalized menu to fit your needs (just let us know).

For that we invite you to watch this video where we explain it to you.

Coming Soon.

Tips: There is a full team working hard to meet your needs, including the kitchen team, the fish processing team, drivers and the translator. Who would infinitely appreciate a tip at the end of the trip.

Panga captains are not direct employees of the company, they work hard to help and achieve your satisfactory capture. We recommend tipping your captain every day.

For more
information consult it by call +52-646-288-8328

We always recommend traveling as light as possible therefore we recommend that you only bring your light fishing equipment such as plastic lures, hooks, medium shallow lures and Casting Lures, we do not recommend bringing heavy lures like Knife Jig.

We also do not recommend bringing leads. If you need some of our lures, the company will provide them on the Island.

For more information about the lures you need for your trip, see this video.
Coming Soon.

We offer an extensive gastronomic menu ranging from excellent quality cuts of meat to wild lobsters caught around Cedros Island along with a wide variety of seafood. We can also cook your catch of the day!

We recommend bringing summer clothing such as shorts and fishing shirts with sun protection, buff, caps and sunglasses, throughout the day temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

We also recommend you bring something for the cold, the mornings are usually cool and you will need to bundle up a bit.

Please call us using WhatsApp or leave us a message
at this number and we will get back to you as soon as possible

You can also email us at: