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Premium Cedros Fishing Packages

The journey officially begins when you arrive in San Diego, CA. After you cross the CBX bridge using your access ticket that you will get the day before online, you can leave your vehicle at the CBX parking lot which will be guarded 24 hours a day for approximately $ 18 dollars per day.

There, we will be waiting for you, where you will meet with a member of the team that will guide you through every step until you get to the international airport of Tijuana, where you will board a plane (Grand Caraban) bound for Isla de Cedros.

The CBX is located 15 minutes south of downtown San Diego. The facility was built in 2015 where San Diego joins the International Airport of Tijuana across an elevated bridge. Right there you will board your private plane, and you will arrive directly to Isla de Cedros in just 2 hours.

One of the advantages of your premium trip is that we do not have a predetermined weight limit, but we recommend not to exceeding 100 lbs, you can take all the rods you want, there are no limits and it will  reduce the time of your arrival at Cedros Island you will have more time to fish.

Premium Package Includes:

  • Commute to Isla de Cedros from Otay Mesa, CA.
    • Along the CBX crossing from San Diego.
  • Daily fishing: the usual arrival time at Cedros is between 9:30 and 10:30 am. You will be able to fish the rest of the first day, we have available for you up to 12 hours each full day and a half day before departure.
  • Weight Tolerance: 30-35 lbs. per person for arrival and 70 lbs. per person upon exit.
  • Only three people are allowed per panga.
    • Option of 2 per panga: The price will be an additional 100 dollars per day.
    • Individual 1 person option: The price will be an additional 150 dollars per day. (subject to availability).
  • Experienced and knowledgeable local boat captains:
    • Your fishing time ranges from 6am to 4pm
  • Filleting and freezing of your catch: We have a special packaging service of vacuum sealed for premium only.
  • Typical meals: (breakfast, lunch to go on your trip, and dinner). Traditional style cuisine of Cedros with a gourmet touch. Meals are served family style, but the menu is customizable and includes special diets. You can inform us in advance.
  • Friendly staff: The team will be very friendly, in the kitchen, the cleaning and the staff that process your fish.
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms: We have satellite Wi-Fi!
  • We do not have travel insurance, but we recommend that you purchase it. Travel insurance is the best way to protect against losses due to travel  interruptions out of control of CEDROS SPORTFISHING WITH TORO and that we will not refund.
  • With your premium package you can take home your Mexican fishing license for free.

What The Premium Package Does NOT Include:

  • Fishing gear. CEDROS SPORTFISHING WITH TORO does not provide you with fishing equipment, but we have an agreement with the official fishing store that can rent you the equipment.
  • Tips: tips are not included.
  • Travel insurance. We recommend you purchase it.
  • We do not include travel permits, you can acquire them when you arrive at Mexican customs, you can buy a 90-day visa for about $ 28.

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