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Cedros Spearfishing with toro

Spearfishing In Cedros Island

Ultimate Spearfishing

We are proud to tell you that we are the only company that can offer you spearfishing in Cedros Island.

We know our sea and our product, we are also being the only ones with experts with great experience in the field, with a team that will take you to the exact spots to capture your trophies.

A professional instructor will accompany you on your diving activities, for your assistance and security.

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The Best and only Spearfishing in cedros

Frequently Asked Questions

Our policy is to always travel light therefore we recommend NOT to bring your lead belt. We will provide it to you. That way your trip will be much more comfortable and you can easily take your catches home.

To consult the species that you can capture with a harpoon, we invite you to observe this table where we explain it to you.


cedros island seasonal fish


The depth ranges from 20 ft to 60 ft. We consider ourselves very lucky that our fishing spots are shallow and richer in species.

We recommend carrying 2 to 3 harpoons. We recommend harpoons over 120 cm with detachable tip and steel line. For safety we always recommend bringing a floating line and inflatable buoys. Don’t forget to bring extra rods!

We recommend bringing a mask and snorkel, bring a 3.5 mm two-piece suit as our waters are temperate in the summer. We recommend carbon fiber fins with comfortable footwear. Do not forget to bring your gloves and flashlight, bring floating lines 20 meters (approximately) with colorful inflatable buoys. For safety we recommend to always bring a knife and a depth gauge.

Yes, of course, in all our boats we have stairs equipped to easily climb up into the panga. Just ask.

Mexican sportfishing law only allows you to catch 5 fish per day with a harpoon per person. Do not forget that your harpoon has to be band since Mexican law prohibits air harpoons.

Undoubtedly the most abundant species on the island is the yellowtail, since we are the destination with the most abundance of this species, reaching up to 70 pounds of weight. It should be mentioned that the world record for the garropa cola de escoba was also broken on the island.

Up to 25 kilos or 50 lbs.

Undoubtedly the months of September – October, are the best months for spearfishing, it is the season with the largest abundance of species and with the clearest sea water of the year

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