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Your Trip

Cedros Sportfishing With Toro

Your Cedros Island Trip

An Unforgettable Trip

Your trip begins when you leave your home, heading to San Diego, you will pack your things (don’t forget your cooler!).

Once you are in San Diego our team will be waiting for you to meet up and continue the journey together.

The rest of the trip will depend on your travel package.

We guarantee you will love you trip. Our friendly and helpful staff will work at their best to make sure you have a very pleasant vacation.

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Basic Package

The journey officially begins when we meet in the Brownfield parking lot which only cost $ 3 a day in San Diego, and join our team members. You will be accompanied by a translator and driver, we will cross the border and moved from San Diego to Ensenada, Baja California, being a journey of about an hour and a half.

In Ensenada we will aboard a light aircraft (Grand Caraban) of Aero service guerrero heading to Isla de Cedros with a duration approximate flight of one hour and forty minutes.

Upon landing, our team will be waiting for you to carry your bags and take you to the lodge. Upon arrival at the lodge the cooks will be waiting for you with a welcome dish, and immediately we will have your panga and equipment ready to your first day of fishing!

Premium Package

The journey officially begins when you arrive in San Diego, CA. After you cross the CBX bridge using your access ticket that you will get the day before online, you can leave your vehicle at the CBX parking lot which will be guarded 24 hours a day for approximately $ 18 dollars per day.

There, we will be waiting for you, where you will meet with a member of the team that will guide you through every step until you get to the international airport of Tijuana, where you will board a plane (Grand Caraban) bound for Isla de Cedros.

The CBX is located 15 minutes south of downtown San Diego. The facility was built in 2015 where San Diego joins the International Airport of Tijuana across an elevated bridge. Right there you will board your private plane, and you will arrive directly to Isla de Cedros in just 2 hours.

One of the advantages of your premium trip is that we do not have a predetermined weight limit, but we recommend not to exceeding 100 lbs, you can take all the rods you want, there are no limits and it will  reduce the time of your arrival at Cedros Island you will have more time to fish.

Individual passes can be purchased online in advance:

First Day Of Fishing

Your time to get up will be from 4:30 to 5:00 a.m., put on your comfortable fishing clothes and your desire to have fun. We serve your breakfast at 5:20 in the morning with a light buffet, our cooks will prepare what you order, everything will begin at 6:00 am when you will be ready to go for your first catches, you will be boarding at a private dock.

The team of sportfishing will be by your side, together with your captain you will sail to the waters full of marine beauties. Your captain will make sure to take you to the best fishing spots so that you have a day of catching extraordinary.

Remember that we offer you a day of fishing from 6am to 6pm. Upon return you will dock at the private dock, when getting off the workers will collect your things and they will take them to be washed with fresh water, the team will process your fish, they will fillet it, they will pack it and they will refrigerate it.

When you arrive at the lodge you can relax with a beer, relax with a massage or you can do any of the activities that we offer (such as riding all terrain vehicles (ATV’s), riding a kayaks, etc) you can also enojy from our extensive menu of cocktails and drinks.

To finish the day, the kitchen will serve you a delicious dinner at 7:00 in the afternoon. Relax and get ready for your next day of fishing!

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